We're bombarded with information about what is and isn't healthy and the latest fad diets....its confusing and leads us to make to make poor choices.
The 90 day programme has been created specifically for parents who want to lead a healthier lifestyle thats sustainable around their lifestyle. A lifestyle that allows you to go out to eat, have drinks and still stick to the plan.

The 90 day Keeping It Stupidly Simple programme gives you the tools you need to make the right choices every day.

Keeping It Stupidly Simple (K.I.S.S)

I'm going to show you how you to make sustainably healthier lifestyle choices.


Workouts created specifically for you all delivered through an app on your phone.


Create a sustainable healthy lifestyle, no fads, no quick fixes just simple changes to your everyday life


Education on how to make healthier choices when (like all of us) you fancy eating out or having a drink.

Because that's what's going to make it sustainable for you.
Or send us a message with any questions you want to ask before you start.
We will never give your details to anyone else.

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