Kevin Wimmer - Austria & Ex Stoke City

Adam has been my personal trainer for a year once a week. He is an excellent addition to my team training. It is very convenient and comfortable that Adam comes to his clients homes. He has shown me many helpful exercises to increase my strength and speed and done so in a very enjoyable way.

 I've loved starting our sessions with boxing which has been a fun addition to my training. He is also a perfect nutrition expert for top athletes and has assisted me with nutritional plans to accompany my training. Adam was always on hand to advise me on the right healthy eating habits for the evening which is something i had previously found difficult. 

It's been a great help and a pleasure to have Adam as my personal trainer. 

Dr Glenn Carp

I have had the pleasure of being Adam's client and training with him for the past 5 years. As a surgeon in full time private practice, it's challenging trying to balance a heavy work schedule and exercise. It's for this reason I sought Adam's help in improving my overall fitness and health.

Adam has excelled in providing me with varied yet targeted routines, making integrating exercise into my weekly schedule that much easier. He has also assisted with diet plans and education in correcting my eating habits. His strength is in his targeted approach - regularly adjusting my training plans to my changing fitness level, or to meet a particular goal like an obstacle race or cycle tour.

Adam is reliable and punctual. His positive, 'can-do' approach makes working out more fun and enjoyable. He goes out of his way to provide extra support, like an encouraging text message or informative email, helping create that strong bond with his clients.

Vanessa W

After 90 Days I'm pleased to say that not only have i reached my weight loss goal I now fit into my pre baby clothes and I  feel fantastic.

Adam talks about keeping it simple and thats exactly what we did. Simple daily changes meant that it never felt like a hardship and I now know how to keep the weight off. Training through his app proved the perfect way for me to get in share from home. 

Amy P

I didn't realise my 90 day programme had made that much difference until I took this picture!

For me this has been a really simple process, I just followed Adam's instructions on how to structure my food each day and how to include the things I enjoyed.......including wine. The workouts have been simple and with videos on my app I was always sure I was performing them the right way. I particularly liked having a coach with me through the whole process with constant check ins, not to mention any questions I had were always answered. The workouts were personalised to me and created based on what I had available at home.

I really have found the whole process amazingly easy and something I can carry on way past the initial 90 days. 

Richard O

Adam is an excellent trainer. I started on the 90 day programme and saw superb results. In 90 days my transformation was so much more than I expected. I've been training with Adam online now for the past six months and Im the best shape Ive been in years. My nutrition isn't something I need to think about now, we've created daily habits that are now second nature. I particularly like my that workouts are designed for me each week and i know that all I need to do is log into my app and follow whats been planned for the week. I should also say that i have achieved these results with no equipment or access to a gym.

If anyone is thinking about joining the 90 day programme my advice would be sign up and don't look back!


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